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GameDay Penn State Football Q/A Discussion!

Before kick off, we have created an all purpose PSU Question/Answer to help our members further understand the state of the Penn State Football Program!

Enter the hour-long Q/A session for August at 8:30 p.m. EST by following this link:

In each chat session we will discuss all things Penn State Football for recruiting talk, new Penn State coaching hires, preview analysis, and much more!

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         This blog was created to retain the values of the Penn State Football Community so that the PSU Pride that was enstilled in me at an early age is not lost. 

       This is a student managed website, but is not limited by age, and we encourage everyone to participate in the forums and to also apply for writing positions on the blog. All writing positions are UNPAID and solely for the purpose of writing about one's interests in the Nittany Lion Football team. 

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Our Message to the Penn State Football Community

    What a fantastic year for the 2013 Penn State Nittany Lion Football team, it was truly an amazing season to be a fan!

   Given the recruiting/scholarship limitations that were dealt to these young men just shows their ability and the program's ability to overcome obstacles of any proportion that get in their way.

   The Penn State Football Program means so much to the people we are here at Nittany Talk, and without their perseverance to achieve success this site would not exist! I hope everyone reading this finds the joy in a 7-5 season for the Nittany Lions this year, we all should be Penn State Proud!

   As always, WE ARE from the Nittany Talk crew; Rob, Parker, and Christian! (Follow us on Twitter: @NittanyTalk for more PSU Football news during the off-season).